Berlin 2016 - The Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is one of the most popular museums in Berlin. Its incredible classical collection includes the Pergamon Altar of Zeus, the Ishtar Gate of Old Babylon and the Roman market gate of Milete. Currently parts of the Museum is undergoing renovation works - and unfortunately the Pergamon Altar is closed to the public. There is always a long queue to enter the museum - so go early.

Most of the antiquities came from German archaeological excavations in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Objects came from Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Near East.

The most impressive exhibit is the Ishtar Gate and Processional Street of Babylon - which was built under King Nebuchadnezzar CII (605 - 562 BC). The Gate is almost 5-storeys tall and features blue tiles with beautiful relief decorations.


The collections from the Ancient Near East are quite fascinating and deserve a much longer visit then our time permitted.


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