Hue 2016 - Serene Palace Hotel and Restaurant

Based on many positive reviews - we decided to stay at Serene Palace Hotel on the Eastern side of Hue City. When we arrived we were quite happy with the hotel. The lobby is generous, the room basic but spacious and clean. The only let down was the narrow street in front of the hotel. This is more of a backlane rather than a proper road, and it is full of potholes along certain stretches. It gets a bit muddy on rainy days. Other than that our stay was very pleasant as the staff were all very friendly and helpful.

 The small lane in front of the hotel.

View from our room. 

The best thing about the hotel is the cafe. The breakfast was always fresh and tasty, and should you choose to go there for dinner you will be rewarded with some of the best food in Hue. The cafe staff also do an excellent job of serving the guests and making each one feel pampered and welcome - and considering that they work from early morning till late at night that is no easy task.

The banana flower salad was lovely and aromatic.

Vietnamese spring rolls - very fresh ingredients and a lovely dipping sauce that tastes like its freshly made.

Serene Palace Fried Rice - a very tasty fried rice filled with small morsels of crunchy vegetables.

Lemon grass chicken - simple but well executed.


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