Hue 2016 - Dinner at Quan Hanh Cafe

Our first evening in Hue we wanted to have our dinner at Quan Hanh Cafe - which has received very good reviews on food blogs and TripAdvisor. The Cafe is located on Nguyen Tri Phoung Road - it is very popular with locals as well as visitors. The owners spoke basic English, and there is an English menu to help with your orders. We ended up with quite a few dishes and the small table overflowed with our orders. 

We started with Bahn Beo - steamed rice cakes in very small dishes. These are topped with dried shrimps and crispy pork scratchings. They are delicious with the spicy sauce.

Bun Thit Nuong is another popular Hue dish. Grilled meat - in this case, pork, is served with rice vermicelli, sliced vegetables and a savoury sauce. It is a light a refreshing dish.

Nem Lui - pork meat skewers are sort of like satay but the meat is minced and mixed with herbs and spices then wrapped around a lemongrass skewer and grilled. They are served with lots of crunchy vegetables, wrapped with rice paper. The sauce that comes with it - is a peanut sauce mixed with pork liver. Very yummy.

Bahn Khoai is a crispy pancake filled with prawn and pork. It is a bit like Bahn Xeo, but the batter is more crispy.

Crispy Spring Rolls - not that different from the typical Chinese version. 

They also have really good Creme Caramel served with a passion fruit sauce. Make sure you order these. 

TripAdvisor recommendations are a bit hit or miss, but this time it is spot on. Quan Hanh is a great local restaurant that offers great food, great service at reasonable prices.


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