Hangzhou 2015 - West Lake

From the map, I knew West Lake was going to be big but still wasn't prepared for how big it actually is. To properly explore the Lake will take a few days - but since we only had a few hours we could only see a small section of it.

The beauty of West Lake is not easy to grasp. On the one hand, you can't avoid being awed by its natural beauty - the large expanse of water - the beautiful mountains, the greenery - but there are places with far more natural beauty than this. It is when you start to notice the small details - the subtle insertions that have been placed into the natural landscape, that you start to appreciate its true beauty. This is where the natural and the man-made finds a harmonious balance.

Being one of the most popular attractions for domestic tourists, the West Lake is packed with people. Imagine if you come during the Golden Week Holiday in October - it will be standing room only.


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