Kuching Hidden Gem 2015 - Matang Wildlife Centre

Most people know about the Semenggoh Nature Reserve - where you go to see Orang Utans, but the Matang Wildlife Centre is a bit more obscure. Located aroung 36km from Kuching City centre, the Centre is an easy 40min drive from the city if there is no traffic. It is a forest reserve as well as a rehabilitation centre for animals which have been rescued from captivity or orphaned. 

There are several jungle trails here you can trek - ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours. Most of the trails are provided with plank walks so are relatively easy to negotiate. Take the pitcher plant trail and you will get to see some of these interesting plants in their natural habitat.

The Wildlife Centre is not a zoo, however there are some animal enclosures where you can see crocodiles, sun bears, hornbills, etc.

The most popular would be the Orang Utan enclosure. This is quite large and you will see a large colony of Orang Utans - some are really huge.

The Matang Wildlife Centre is a great place for a half or full day visit. It deserves to be more popular - but for now enjoy the peace and tranquility of a mostly empty forest reserve all to yourself.The animal rehabilitation programme here is run by volunteers. If you would like to help, you can visit their Facebook page here - Ape Malaysia.


durba said…
Beautiful places. Amazing shots.
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