Kuching Cafes 2015 - Madeleine

There is a new cafe in town and it is called Madeleine. Madeline is located at the East entrance of The Spring mall where it used to be a Singapore Chicken Rice outlet. It is a bakery cafe - with its own on-site bake shop at the back that is framed with glass windows so you can see all the action in the baking kitchen. The shop is very nicely decorated with white tiles, white timber paneling and trendy furniture.

They just opened for a few days so the selection of baked good is still somewhat limited. There are several specialty breads, Danish pastries and croissants.

For cakes there are only 3 to 4 selections. They all looked beautifully made so Madeline is off to a good start.

Kuching has long lacked good bread and with the opening of Madeline, hopefully a new trend of specialty bread shops will kick off in Kuching.

*Update: Madeleine has since changed to Keeper's Ground. Still the same breads, but different cakes and they serve light dishes as well.


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