Madrid 2014 - Dinner at Rio Frio

Rio Frio is a traditional Spanish restaurant near the Museum District in Madrid. From the outside, the restaurant looks a bit nondescript, but inside it is actually quite warm and cozy. There is a large bar inside with generous counter seating, but we were more interested in the alfresco area especially in the beautiful Spring weather. 

Tonight we were having Paella - the famous Spanish rice dish. Dinner started with a simple salad with greens and tuna.

The Paella was served in a large pan. It looked like it could feed a hungry hoard and was really impressive. In reality, the pan is quite shallow and each one only got a small serving of the rice. It was really good though - the rice still quite firm and had some bite, and it had soaked up all the flavours of the stock and seafood.

Dessert was simple ice cream with pomegranate sauce.

The Paella was delicious and whetted our appetite for our next stop Valencia - supposedly the birthplace of this famed dish.


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