Kuching Cafes 2015 - Earthlings Coffee Workshop

People always complain that there is no good expresso in Kuching, and up till last year, I would totally agree. But complain no more - as now you can get expresso that is as good as anywhere else, and the place to get it is Earthlings Coffee Workshop

The minute you walk in the cafe, the smell of freshly ground coffee is intoxicating. You can see that this place is opened by people who are serious about their coffee. They have their own micro coffee roaster and import their coffee beans from all kinds of exotic places. The selection of single-origin coffee is impressive - they have Wallenford Blue Mountain which goes for RM 32 a cup, or the even more exotic Kopi Luwak from Mount Gayo which goes for RM 56 a cup.

The normal coffee here is good enough for me. It is easily the best you can get in Kuching. 

Having been there a few times, I have also tried some of their cakes. I have to say that the cakes are just OK, and can't really compare to the quality of the coffee.

Earthlings Coffee Workshop is located at a quiet corner on the ground floor of CityOne Shopping Centre. It is one of the few outlets worth visiting the gigantic shopping centre for.

*Update: This Earthlings Coffee Workshop outlet at CityOne has closed in 2019. Their main shop at SOHO East remains open.


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