Kuching Cafes 2015 - Caffeine & Cocoa

One of the newest kids on the block is Caffeine & Cocoa. Just opened a couple of weeks ago, this new cafe shares the same address as Earthlings - it is on the ground floor of CityOne Shopping Centre. 

The cafe itself is quite small, but they have a large outdoor terrace that can accommodate a lot more people. The interior is fairly simple - at one end is a bare-brick feature wall that is the in-thing now, The rest is bare concrete and recycled timber and wooden crates re-appropriated as shelves behind the counter.

The twist to this cafe is besides coffee, they also serve hot chocolate. For those who have overloaded on coffee, this could be a welcome relief. Their cake selection is reasonable and features heavily on chocolate as you would expect.

This is a cozy and unpretentious cafe that could become a regular haunt. My only peeve is that they use Illy which is not my favourite coffee blend.

Update: This cafe has since closed.


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