Kuching Cafes 2015 - Cafe Cafe

Cafe Cafe is more of a restaurant than a cafe - even though the name may suggest otherwise. They do serve coffee too, but the main attraction here is the food. A bit of disclosure here, my firm is involved with the interior design of the outlet so I will not say too much about the design except to let you judge for yourself.

The original Cafe Cafe started in Sibu. They have done very well and have branched out to Kuching with 2 outlets here now. This latest one is located at Song Plaza - right opposite Coffee Clinic.

The food here is a mixture of Asian dishes with a Nonya bent, and Western dishes. The servings are really big so don't over-order if you go for the first time. You may get a shock. Some of the dishes are big enough to share for 2 persons. I normally go for the Nonya/Asian dishes. The flavours are quite strong and the chefs have their own individualistic take on the dishes - so you may like them or hate them depending on your taste. I personally like them a lot.


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