Bali 2014 - Motel Mexicola

I am generally not a night spots person and usually avoid loud and rowdy places like the plaque. However I have seen posts on one of the latest hot spots in Seminyak - Motel Mexicola - and the design intrigues me. I had to check it out - but during the day.

When I went there in the morning it was closed as expected. Luckily the door was not locked and I was able to sneak in. A couple of staff were resting there probably after a big night - and they didn't mind me snooping around. 

A lot of nightspots look terrible in daylight when you can see all the flaws and all - but Motel Mexicola actually looks pretty good during the day. It is strangely authentic in a surreal way. It is a bit like walking onto a Baz Luhrmann film set when he was filming Romeo & Juliet. A lot of love and work has been put into the design and details, and I can imagine the atmosphere must be great in the evenings.

The amount of details in every corner is simply amazing and I was happy I went in the day so I could drink it all in. Somehow all the gaudy colours seem to work together very well.

If you like Mexican food and night spots - this is the perfect combination. Definitely worth a visit.


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