Bali 2014 - The Junction at Seminyak

I love to seek out places with great design and atmosphere, and if you are in Seminyak it is like a candy store for design lovers. At the junction of Jalan Kayu Aya and Jalan Kayu Cendana is a very unusual building. On the outside, it looks like a wooden shack covered in white-washed timber planks. You get glimpses of what is happening inside through the gaps in the planks, and it looks pretty stylish. This is The Junction Resto - another chic eatery in Seminyak.

The whitewashed timber look is carried to the inside of the restaurant as well. On one side of the wall are full height shelves filled with jars of spices - a nice touch.

There is a small 1st floor section where you can watch the goings-on while you enjoy your food and drinks.

I really like the design of this eatery - it is the type of outlet that wins you over on the looks alone. Unfortunately, we could not fit in a meal at this venue. Will definitely go back next time.


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