Bali 2014 - Kopi Luwak

On the way down from Kintamani, you pass through lots of farmsteads on both sides of the road. The volcanic soil on the island is very rich and that is why the vegetation is so lush in Bali, and the farmers here take full advantage of it. Here some enterprising entrepreneurs have also set up local attractions to trap the passing tourists. You will see many signs touting the famously expensive "kopi luwak" or civet coffee. 

After parking at the roadside, you walk through a thick orchard filled with cocoa and other fruit trees. You then end up at a small hut where they are roasting the coffee beans. The aroma is quite intoxicating. 

What makes Kopi Luwak so special is that the coffee berries have been eaten by the civet cats, and the seeds which are not digestible are then passed out and processed. It is claimed that the civet cats know how to pick the best berries, and that passing through the digestive system of the cats improve the flavour of the coffee. Aficionados are willing to pay USD100 per kilo or more for the prized beans. This is the cute animal which helps to produce the World's most expensive coffee.

After spending some time at the hut, you then proceed to the tasting pavilions. They offer free samples of their normal range of coffee and other beverages. However, if you want to taste the Kopi Luwak - you will have to pay around USD 5 for a small cup.

I also tried the Kopi Luwak - it didn't really hit any spots for me.

After the tasting, you can move to the shop to buy the coffee and other agricultural products. Being a tourist trap - the prices are quite high so be warned.


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