Bali 2014 - Grand Inna Kuta Hotel

On one of my morning walks, I came across this hotel next to the beach which I never noticed before. It turned out that the Grand Inna Kuta Hotel is one of the few hotels with direct access to the beach in Kuta. What attracted me was the nice design of the cafe next to the beach. It had a rustic look from the use of a lot of recycled wood and raw timber.

My interest piqued, I decided to explore some more. On the first floor is the coffee house which is even more beautiful. This was one of the nicest cafes I've come across in Kuta.

Moving on to the lobby, the design was just as nice. I especially liked the Indonesian fabric used as decorative panels on the ceiling. The designers have done a great job with the renovation of this hotel.

As you come out to the main entrance, you can see what the hotel building actually looks like. The exterior is rather uninspiring - and this is what you normally see from the main road. No wonder I have never noticed it before, but now that I know the interiors are so nice - this could be our next place to stay in Kuta for future visits.


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