Bali 2014 - Dinner at Fat Chow

I have read a lot about Fat Chow - a stylish cafe near Bali Beachwalk, and have made it one of our designated stops for dinner during this trip. Fat Chow is located along Jalan Popies II, off Kuta Beach Road. The cafe is quite small - but it is beautifully designed and furnished. The unplastered brick walls, raw corrugated iron cladding, warm timber benchtops and colourful cushions give it a rustic chic that is the in thing at the moment.

The menu is modern Asian food presented in a Tapas style. There are lots of small bites in the appetizer section, plus more substantial dishes that you can order to share. The good thing is they have the option of choosing 4 items from the appetizer section for a fixed price - which was what we opted for immediately. The 4 appetizers we chose were Pork Satay Lilit, Chicken Wings - marinated with coriander, sesame and honey,  Fat Pao - crispy pork in a deep-fried Chinese bun, and Pork on Fire - thin slices of pork belly sauteed with black pepper and Asian spices.

The standouts were the Fat Pao and Pork on Fire - really packed with flavours.

We also ordered Fat Chow's Fried Rice. This looked like your ordinary Chinese fried rice - but was anything but ordinary. It was excellent - very tasty and with unexpected crunchy bits in the rice which gave it an interesting texture. We are still trying to figure out what the crunchy bits were.

The Nasi Campur was equally good. Every component was very well executed and flavourful. This was easily one of the best Nasi Campurs I have tasted.

Don't miss Fat Chow if you happen to visit Bali. It will give you one of the best dining experiences on the Island and at a very reasonable price to boot.


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