Bali 2014 - Dinner at Kopi Pot Cafe

After walking around Jalan Legian for a while, it was time for dinner. Kopi Pot Cafe is one of the nicest F&B outlets on this stretch of road, and I have had many nice meals there before so that was where we decided to go. The place has been kept exactly the same for many years. It is a part of the Poppies Boutique Resort which was one of the first really nice and intimate resorts in Kuta - and has a formidable reputation for quality and service.

The cafe is just off Jalan Legian and has a large alfresco dining area on the ground floor. Behind the alfresco area is a double-storey Balinese-style building with an additional dining area on the 1st floor. I always prefer the 1st-floor area as it is beautifully furnished and gives you a good vantage point to watch the happenings on the street. 

The menu at Kopi Pot is a mix of Western and Indonesian dishes. Their Western dishes are very good, but we decided to go Indonesian since it was one of our first meals on this trip. Not being too hungry from all the snacking along the way, we ordered a few simple dishes to share. 

When the food arrived, I was frankly quite disappointed with the presentation. The standards seem to have dropped quite a bit. The Mee Goreng looked like something you would get at a road side stall - and tasted no better.

The Ayam Betutu - a dish which I normally loved - was just strips of chicken in a spicy sauce. 

The only redeeming dish was the Grilled Honey Chicken - which tasted very good and was decently presented.

It may be an off night - but the Kopi Pot seems to be cruising on their reputation and letting their standards slide. This is not a good sign and hopefully this old institution in Kuta will return to form soon.


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