Kuala Lumpur 2013 - Parkamaya at Farenheit 88

Parkamaya is a newly opened Japanese-themed concept store on the top floor of Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Centre along Jalan Bukit Bintang. It is aimed at the young and fashion-conscious crowd and features urban fashion labels from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and anywhere else that is hip and trendy. If you are over 30, you'll probably feel a bit out of place going there. With camera in tow, I bravely ventured where I'm probably not welcome and at the risk of being ridiculed as a fashion dinosaur. A couple of security guides did try to stop me from taking photos - but not before I managed to snag these.

It reminds me of similar fashion stores in Bangkok targeting the same young and trendy crowd - but the ones in Bangkok are visually a lot more interesting and the fashion more cutting-edge. There is some catching-up to do before KL can claim to be at the same level as Bangkok and Tokyo.

*Update: This outlet has since closed and changed to a different retail concept. 


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