Japan 2012 - Wagyu Beef Dinner at Ginza

My posts on Japan is coming to a close, and as usual I have saved the best for last. For those who love their beef, Wagyu beef has got to be the ultimate meat indulgence. And where better to enjoy this delicacy then in Japan, where the Wagyu breed of cattle originated.

Wondering around the back streets of Ginza, I finally came across a Yakiniku restaurant with a sign showing that they serve Wagyu. As I was prepared to splurge on this meal, I ended up ordering the Wagyu Sampler - top A5 grade Wagyu in 4 different cuts costing 10,000 yen - or around RM 240. This was less then half of what I would have to pay back in Malaysia - so a very good deal.

The meal started with some vegetables for grilling.

The platter - when it arrived, was very impressive. The portions were very generous, and all the cuts showed wonderful marbling. With ingredient this good you don't need to do much to it, so a Yakiniku is the perfect place to enjoy the Wagyu. Just a pinch of salt and pepper, and the meat goes on the grille. As you are doing the cooking - you can decided how you like the beef to be cooked. I prefer mine well charred on the outside, and pink on the inside.

When the beef goes into the mouth - it just melts, and all the great beef flavours permeate your taste sensors giving you the most enjoyable eating experience you could hope for. A must if you are in Japan.


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