Japan 2012 - Lunch at Saijiki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

I was looking for a nice place for lunch at Namba Parks and came across this great looking restaurant. Upon further investigation, I found out that it was a Japanese buffet restaurant emphasizing on organic food. The price was also very reasonable by Japanese standards - around JPY 1,900 or RM 65. Hotels in KL charge much more then that ! My mind was made up.

It was close to lunch time and the crowd was already building up. I had to wait a short while to be seated. They have helpfully placed chairs at the entrance for waiting customers - so this must be a common occurence.

Once inside you will see a large buffet area with a generous buffet spread. The dining area is a bit further in. The interior reminds me of a 5 star hotel coffee house - not unlike those in KL and Singapore. 

All the dishes are very unusual and you can really see the freshness of the ingredients. They are expertly prepared, and constantly replenished so you are not eating stale leftovers.

My first platter - just to try a little bit of everything. There was nothing I didn't like !

I later discovered these special plates where you could assemble your own gourmet platter. Beautiful !

Desserts were limited but all good.

Saijiki was easily the best food value I came across on my Japan trip. Good food, great ambiance and reasonable pricing - don't miss it while in Osaka.


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