Singapore 2011 - Star Cruise Lunch at The Pavilion Room

On the first day we had lunch at The Pavilion Room. This is a family Chinese Restaurant which is included in the cruise package. The restaurant is huge and can accommodate hundreds of people at one time. Still there was a queue building up during peak hour. We were lucky to get in easily as we were a bit early. That's the thing about Star Cruise - you have to know how to beat the crowd or be prepared to wait in line for anything.

The lunch is based on a set menu, but you can order seconds if you want.

There was a pork ribs with sweet corn soup - very tasty. We had 2 of these.

Braised Tofu. A hit with the kids.

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs - another hit with the kids.

Curry Fish. This was not that great. The fish was dry and the sauce a bit overcooked.

The appetizer was just jellyfish with "crab sticks". Disappointing.

Spinach with dried scallops.

On the whole I would say the Chinese food was of a reasonable standard, considering how many meals they have to churn out on every sitting.


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