Vienna 2016 - Buildings by Otto Wagner

Austria has produced many prominent architects. This may come as a big surprise - but Richard Neutra, Adolf Loos, Hans Hollein, Gunther Domeniq, Gustav Peichl, Bernard Rudolsky, Rudolf Steiner and even Harry Seidler were all Austrian or had Austrian roots. Add to that list Otto Wagner - who is probably one of the most archetypal Austrian architects. He has designed some of the most recognizable buildings in Vienna - in the beautiful Art Nouveau - or locally called Jugendstil style.

As we were in Vienna, we made a point to visit some of the buildings designed by him - including the famous Secession Building. This building is located to the north-west of the Naschmarkt. It is a small building but design-wise really packs a punch. The most striking feature is the golden globe at the top of the building made up of golden laurels. The Viennese call it "Kraurhappel" - cabbage head.

Another building near the Naschmarket is the Majolikahaus. This 6-storey building is covered in decorative Majolika tiles from Mallorca.


Next to Majolikahaus is No 38 Linke Wienzeile - it is the same height and similar in proportions - but the ornaments are in gold instead of red and green.


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