Prague 2016 - Praque Castle

Prague Castle is not just a single building but a large complex consisting of many many buildings. Dating from the 9th Century - the Castle has been a seat of power for the King of Bohemia. The castle complex occupies an area of almost 70,000 sq m and is the largest ancient castle in the World according to the Guinness Book of Records.

 St Vitus Cathedral is one of the main landmarks in the Castle.

Golden Lane is a short and narrow alley in the Castle dating from the 15th Century. The name came from the goldsmiths who used to ply their trade on the street. Today most of the heritage houses are souvenir shops.

There is a park at the foot of the Castle where you get great views of the City.

From Charles Bridge you get some of the best views towards the Castle.

You will definitely need a guide to make sense of it all. The Castle is huge and there are some many things to see.


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