Kuching Hidden Gems - Borneo Highlands

Borneo Highlands is one of those places that is so near yet so far that up till now I have never managed to visit. It is only about 70km from Kuching, and there is a good road right up to the foot of the highlands. The highlands is about 1,000m above sea level, and is accessible through a narrow mountain road. Those who have never driven there are advised to use the shuttle service provided by the resort, but many people actually drive up on their own - some using just a little Kancil ! Before doing that make sure you have checked all your systems especially the brakes.

Up in the Highlands, the temperature is much cooler due to the altitude. The air is really fresh - my kids actually said it was sweet. There is a resort providing some accommodation, and a golf course. The developer have sold detached lots as part of the development, and I was surprised to see that quite a number of people have actually built lavish homes there.

The resort is very basic, but the rooms are spacious and clean. The view from the room is really beautiful, and there is nothing like waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside the window. Make sure you get one of the rooms on the highest level which have the best views.

The view from our room.

The resort cafe serves only vegetarian cuisine. As we have made our own food arrangements, we didn't get a chance to try it.

There is a trail through the golf course which takes you to the Indonesian Border. In fact this is the main attraction for most people who visit the Borneo Highlands.

 The Indonesian border. Separated just by a rope - and a cliff that plunges a few hundred metres.

Having finally visited Borneo Highlands, I regretted not going there earlier. It is a very beautiful place, one which deserve to be visited more often. Stay at least one night to make the most of the experience.


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