Kuching 2013 - Cloud99 Ice Cream

It is always good to see people trying new things in the Kuching Food Scene. One recent addition which has drummed up a lot of excitement is an ice cream shop cutely named Cloud99. It is located at the Jalan Song Commercial Centre - in the Tabuan Jaya housing estate.

What's different about Cloud99 is that they make the ice cream to order. You choose the flavour, and they pour the mix into a mixer together with liquid nitrogen. After a few minutes of blending the mixture becomes ice cream right in front of your eyes.

I ordered the caramel and vanilla flavour. As there were no other customers around, the ice cream was prepared and served in a matter of minutes. I was expecting something rich and creamy - sadly the texture of the ice cream was more icy then creamy. It was more like a sorbet, and for some reason it was very soft and runny and started to melt very fast.

I checked online and it seems the idea of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is a sound one. As the ice cream is made to order - it doesn't need stabilizers, emulsifiers or even egg yolks. You should get the pure flavour ingredients with just cream and milk, and should taste awesome ! I think Cloud99 have some issues to iron out before it becomes the premium ice cream shop that it wants to be. The concept is a good one, but the end product need lots of improvement.


Irene said…
I experienced the issue before but not when at Kuching Festival. I guess it's the amount of liquid nitrogen used.
Joe Q said…
I love the Ice Cream, more the ones made Naturally without preservants.
Pegs said…
CW, the amount of instant freeze agent (liquid nitrogen) to be put in is often not measured. It's added according to "feel" by the ice-cream maker. It varies, and is usually depending on the type of the ingredients or flavours. I saw from your pictures, that Audrey wasn't around. She makes it best. Also, maybe they didn't use full cream as the ice cream base for your ice cream. They have options of full cream, low-fat, yoghurt, and soy.

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