Singapore 2011 - SuperStar Virgo Part I

Our cruise ship was the SuperStar Virgo - the largest ship in the Star Cruise fleet. It is 268 meters long and 32 meters wide. The ship has a total of 6 passenger levels, 902 passenger cabins and a capacity for 1804 passengers. The top most level is the roof deck with a running track and viewing platforms. On the next level there is a swimming pool, spas, gym, Galaxy of the Stars Entertainment Lounge, and a gelato bar.

The lobby is on Level 7. It is not very big, just enough to accommodate a reception counter and some sofas on both sides. A 5-storey atrium with bubble lifts is the main feature in the lobby, and occupying the most prominent vantage point is a huge golden horse sculpture. It is rather gaudy, but lots of passengers were eager to take pictures with it. The lobby opens onto a large deck area which circles the entire ship, and this is quite a nice place to lounge around and watch the going-ons at portside.

The lobby and atrium.

The main swimming pool with a water chute for the kids - and quite a lot of adults as well.

The kids pool. Rather small.

The deck on the lobby floor. This is a great place to relax and get away from the crowd.

The library. Hardly anyone there.


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