Singapore 2011 - Singapore Flyer

After the huge success of the London Eye which was the first large city scale ferris wheel in the World, many other cities have copied the idea with mixed results. The Singapore flyer was added in 2008, and is one of the largest in the World at the moment. So far it hasn’t really reached its desired potential. During our visit, there were very few visitors and many of the passenger “capsules” were empty. We were able to have one capsule all to ourselves which was a blast !

The design of the Ferris Wheel is an engineering marvel. All the capsules are attached to the main wheel with gears which rotate to keep the capsule completely level as the wheel turns. Without the gears the passengers would be upside down as the capsule reach the top ! The movement is so smooth that it is hardly noticeable. You can only sense the movement by looking at the surroundings. As you move higher up, you get great views of Marina Bay and the buildings in the CBD.

It takes a lot of engineering hardware to keep everything in place.

View from the top.

The Singapore Flyer experience costs around SGD 30 for adults and SGD 20 for children below 12 years old. The ride lasts for about half an hour - not exactly the cheapest ride in town ! Big spenders can also book the capsules for a private dinner with the Singapore skyline as the backdrop. For a cheaper option there is a very nice food court at the base of the complex worth checking out.


I think it depends on the day. When we went (a public holiday) there was a pretty long queue and our car was packed.

I thought the private dinner concept was neat but wonder what happens if you get nauseous - you can't just excuse yourself to go puke in the toilet.

We ended up eating at the Hibiki Japanese Restaurant, ground floor, for dinner after the Flyer ride.
Mark Benson said…
The Ferris Wheel in Singapore is an amazing way to tour the city you have never been to. Hence hop on a cheap flight to Singapore and view the dazzling city from above.

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