Kuching Hidden Gems - Siniawan Street Market

Siniawan is an old street lined with wooden shophouses about 20km from Kuching City. To get there you drive along the Old Bau Road - which used to be quite a narrow and winding road but has since been upgraded to a much more comfortable proper road. In 2010 a group of local residents and some enthusiastic NGOs decided to revitalize the old street - and the Siniawan Street Market was born. This modest community project has since become a big success.

The street market is open on Friday to Sunday evenings - starting from late afternoon. As it is quite a small town - there are not a lot of parking spaces and due to its popularity the place can seemed overwhelmed by the big crowd. However a bit of patience will work wonders and after you find your parking spot you will soon be enjoying the unique charm of the wooden shophouses and the bewildering variety of street food.

To avoid the really big crowds - go in the earlier part of the evening. There are lots of tasty local food to try such as rice cooked in pitcher plants and bamboo chicken,  as well as some non-local offerings like teriyaki and burgers. 


This place seems so beautiful...
& would surely try the rice cooked in pitcher plants and bamboo chicken

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