Kuching Hidden Gems - Kai Joo Lane Street Market (closed)

Kai Joo Lane is one of the old narrow alleys branching off India Street in the historic heart of Kuching. The common street name was "Sali Hung" - refering to "sali" or tin roofs which used to cover the shophouses. Last year the local community decided to start a street market to reactivate the street life - probably inspired by the great success of Siniawan Old Street. As there were not many local food business along the lane - outside operators were called in. The local committee became the curators for the stalls and ended up with an interesting collection of traditional as well as new food offerings.

We visited on the 2nd weekend of the opening. Like Siniawan - the street market was open from Friday to Sunday evenings. Flanked by the old shophouses - the street had great atmosphere and the smell of delicious food filled the air. There is always something magical about dining on the street - under the sky.

Sadly my post has come a bit too late. The street market has since ceased operation and this great community project is no more. Still I decided to put up this post as a tribute to this great initiative and hope that it will be revived soon. 


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