Hoi An 2016 - Hoi An Market

Hoi An Market (Cho Hoi An) is conveniently located right in the centre of town. The South Entrance faces the River Thu Bon, and the North Entrance faces Tran Phu Street. The market extends to the surrounding area outside - some of the nearby streets have been also appropriated by the market stalls. Most of the wet market is in the periphery of the market building itself.

The main market building is divided into 2 main sections. The section next to the river is dedicated to dry goods, whereas the one further in is a hawker centre. Accordingly to many bloggers - some of the best food in Hoi An can be found here - but there are so many stalls you would have to eat through quite a number of them to find out.

You can try the famous White Rose in many of the stalls here. It is basically a small dumpling with minced pork and prawns filling. The texture of the skin is like Har Gao. They are quite delicious eaten with the dipping sauce. 

Another Vietnamese staple - deep-fried spring rolls are also readily available here. They make them small and dainty in Hoi An.


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