Hoi An 2016 - Banh Mi Phoung

One of the surprising things about Hoi An is that it has supposedly the best Banh Mi in the whole of Vietnam. Anthony Bourdain visited the small town and tasted the Banh Mi by Madam Phoung and declared it symphony in a sandwich.

Banh Mi Phoung is located along Phan Chau Trinh Street on the eastern side of the old town. It is easy to find - just look for the long queue in front of the shop. They have a long counter at the front of the shop with a production line making hundreds of banh mi to order.

The seating area on the ground floor is very small and usually packed. Go to the 1st floor and there are some additional seats. Both times we went we managed to find a table on the 1st floor.

The banh mi at Banh Mi Phoung is simply sensational. The baguettes are so perfectly baked - crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. There are many choices for the fillings - but most people would go for the Banh Mi Thap Cam - which is everything mixed. It is one fantastic Banh Mi - but the better one is the Banh Mi with roast pork - you get a more distinct taste of the pork which is delicious.


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