Danang 2016 - Marble Mountains

There is not much in terms of attractions in Danang itself. Most people come here for the beaches - Danang used to be the R&R centre for American GIs during the War. Today it is one of the most important port cities in Vietnam and rapid development seems to have brought great prosperity to the people - which is great.

One of the main attractions in Danang is the Marble Mountains. It is a group of mountains in the outskirt of Danang - easily accessible by car. Once you reach the mountains - you will see a lot of shops with marble statues lined outside. This area seems to be a marble production area - but I couldn't actually see where all the marble came from - the surrounding areas are essentially flat except for the aforementioned mountains.

The biggest of the Marble Mountains is Thuy Son - the Mountain of Water. If you have limited time - this is the one to visit as it has the most interesting features to explore. The mountains have long been used as Buddhist holy sites, and in many of the caves, you will find old temples dating back hundreds of years. For those who are not keen to climb up the mountain - thankfully there are bubble lifts that take you right to the top.


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