Barcelona 2014 - Pasteleria Hofmann

There are many hidden gems in the El Born district, and one of them which is really worth seeking out is Pasteleria Hofmann. Chef Mey Hofmann is quite famous in Barcelona - she runs a 1-Michelin star restaurant Restaurante Hofmann, a cooking school, and this pastry shop famed for the best croissants in Barcelona. Once you enter the shop - you will understand what the fuss is all about. The pastries all look amazing - the equal of the best you can find in France or anywhere in Europe.

The pastry shop is located not far from the Picasso Museum. The shopfront is quite discreet and not easy to spot - it is best to ask around for directions.

I ordered a croissant with mascarpone cream filling and an apple tart. The croissant was the best I've ever had - crispy outside and fluffy inside, and coupled with the mascarpone filling each bite was a delight.

The apple tart was also another perfect pastry - with beautifully caramelized apples and a crust that is not too thick and delightfully flaky.

I wished I could go back to Pasteleria Hofmann for more of their beautiful croissants and try their other pastries, but unfortunately, time was not on my side. Will have to wait for the next trip.


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