Barcelona 2014 - Palau Guell

Besides Parc Guell, Gaudi also designed Eusebi Guell's mansion in the El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. It was built between 1886 and 1888. Guell spared no expense in building the mansion, and Gaudi must have been given a free hand on the design. And what he did was quite extraordinary. 

The imposing double-arch entrance gate. It was designed to allow horse carriages to go in and out easily.

Even the basement is an architectural marvel. The system of vaults and arches is complex and beautiful.

The mansion is centred on the main living room on the 1st floor meant for entertainment members of the high society. The room is double-volume in height and had a very perforated roof which let natural light into the space below. Small viewings windows on the upper level look into the living room and allowed the owners to peep on the guests before they go down to greet them.

As with many of Gaudi's projects, the roof is where a lot of his interesting ideas were developed. It is like a fantasy playground for architects.

His inventiveness is evident in the individual design of each chimney.


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