Madrid 2014 - Barajas International Airport Madrid

After our sojourn in Marrakesh, we had to backtrack to Casablanca and fly to Madrid. Though the Spanish Capital is well-known and its football clubs are legendary, I really did not know what to expect. We arrived at the Barajas International Airport - which is designed by renowned British Architect Richard Rodgers. It is an impressive high-tech complex with acres of steel and glass. The soaring wavy roof is beautiful and a technical tour de force.

Among the high-tech architects, Richard Rodgers along with his former partner Renzo Piano is one of the most humanistic. Here you get a sense that all the technology is being deployed to serve the user and to make the user feel comfortable. The use of colours on the main steel structures and the wooden ceiling adds warmth and comfort to the building.

Even the luggage pick-up area which is normally the most overlooked area in an airport is given a high soaring roof and interesting high-tech design.


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