Morocco 2014 - Dinner in a Private Palace

For our last night in Marrakesh we were taken to a private palace for dinner. Many of these old palaces or Riad are well hidden within the narrow streets and alleys of the Souks - and unless a local lead the way you will never be able to find the place. 

The entrance to the palace is a bit nondescript, but the minute you enter you are faced with a magnificent 2-storey main dining area with overlooking balconies. This was probably a former courtyard that has been covered over - but it was done meticulously with a beautiful roof and ceiling. Every corner of the building is covered with intricate Moroccan art and design.

The dinner started with some Mezze and Moroccan flatbread. There was Hummus, olives, Babaghanoush, Kibbeh, etc.served with mint tea.

The main course was Chicken and Eggplant Tagine. The chicken was nice and tender, but it was the eggplant Tagine that stood out - really flavourful with a nice balance of Moroccan spices.

The dinner finished with a fruit platter - which was a bit disappointing. Some Moroccan sweets would have been much better.

Throughout the dinner, we were entertained by 2 musicians, and there was even a belly dancer to perform for us between courses. Good food, good music and great ambiance - one really couldn't ask for more.


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