Singapore 2014 - Chinatown Food Street

The newly revamped Chinatown Food Street is now on Smith Street. To make things more pleasant for diners, the street is covered with a glass canopy and cooling system. I went there around 2.00 p.m. under the hot bright sun and it was still quite cool and pleasant.

The new Food Street was conceived by the Select Group who are also responsible for The Food Trail at The Singapore Flyer. They have brought together 24 hawkers and 6 kopitiam restaurants together under one roof after stringent taste tests. All the food on offer looks very enticing, except some of the prices are a bit steep. SGD 1.70 for a BBQ chicken wing anyone?

I finally settled on pork noodle soup. This was really good - the soup was really flavourful and you can see bits of the dried fish (dried flounder) that was used to make the broth. However, the noodles are the factory-made variety and do not have much flavour. It is difficult to find handmade noodles in Singapore.

I also ordered the Or Chien (oyster omelette) from another famous stall. This was also a very good version made with fresh and plump oysters, and the batter was very light and crispy.

The Chinatown Food Street is a great place to go if you want to taste a variety of Singapore hawker food in comfort. As all the stalls have been handpicked for their specialties, you should get a pretty good eating experience.


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