Singapore 2014 - Bread & Hearth Artisanal Bakery

While wandering around on Keong Saik Road, I came across this interesting-looking bakery called Bread & Hearth. It looked like it just opened not too long ago. Once you go inside, the smell of freshly baked bread is intoxicating, and they do have lots of beautiful-looking bread - like those I thought you could only find in Europe. I was impressed and decided to stop there for a break.

Their bread look really great.

They do pastries too - but no cakes. 

Besides selling the bread for take-outs, they also operate as a cafe. I ordered a cappuccino and a salted caramel tart and it was good - though not great. It's a pity as I did not have room in the tummy to try the bread - but next trip!


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