Japan 2012 - Mos Burger

Mos Burger is Japan's 2nd largest fast food chain after McDonald's. They have spread their wings to many parts of Asia, but unfortunately not Malaysia yet. I first had a taste of Mos Burger in Hong Kong. I found their burgers to be much better and healthier tasting then their McDonald's cousins. When I saw this shop along Shijo-dori I had to give it a try. 

Since it was the beginning of Summer, they had a special summer burger topped with ratatouille. It looked delicious, and that was what I ordered.

It was a small and simple burger - just a beef patty topped with the ratatouille and sandwiched between a soft bun, but it tasted really good. The ratatouille managed to elevate it into gourmet territory. I really wish they would open one shop in Malaysia soon.


Looks like a pretty cool place with some good food :)

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They opened before in KLCC but chap lap (closed down) after that.

Now they refused to reopen in Malaysia. Some people I know have inquire them about franchising opportunity.
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