Japan 2012 - Dinner at Irifune Japanese Restaurant

On my last night in Kyoto, I was looking for a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner. Since I had been walking around the whole day my feet were really aching, so I ended up in Irifune which is just around the corner from where I stayed. Irifune is on the basement floor of Karasuma Kyoto Hotel.

The restaurant was empty when I went in. Perhaps it was still early, as guests started to stream in during the course of the dinner. 

It looked like a typical Japanese establishment, one that would not look out of place in KL. At the entrance is a long counter with a sushi chef behind it. There are some private cubicles to one side, and an open dining area beside the counter. 

They had a set dinner which looked quite interesting. It came with several appetizers, sushi and grilled beef. The appetizers were nicely presented in a special tray.  The stand out dish was the veggie salad - the sauce was sensational and very refreshing.

The sushi course - 3 pieces of prime sushi. I can only recognize the tuna in the middle, but they were all very nice.

The grilled beef came in its own cute little ceramic grill. It was tender and flavourful.

The meal was finished off with vanilla ice cream drizzled with macha powder. Nice.


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