Japan 2012 - Kyoto Ramen Street

Probably the most interesting feature in the Kyoto Central Station is the Kyoto Ramen Street. Located on the 10th Floor of the station building, Ramen Street brings together 7 ramen shops from representative regions of Japan under one roof. This is a great place if you are a ramen lover, unfortunately, my tummy only had room for one serving, and it took me quite a while to decide on which shop to go into.

My final choice was Ramen Todai - based on the really appetizing photo outside this shop. It is from the Tokushima region - which is on the Northern part of Shikoku Island. Their style of ramen is based on the Tonkotsu broth (pork bone broth) and dark Shoyu (dark soy sauce), hence the broth looks much darker than most other styles of ramen. 

Those who like their ramen broth a bit lighter in taste may not like this style. This one is all about packing that strong punch to your taste buds. The broth is rich and strong, full of umami flavour - a very satisfying bowl indeed. Instead of the usual Chasu - you get thin slices of pork belly that had been stewed in soy sauce and just melt in your mouth. I saw a lot of patrons crack a raw egg into the broth before tucking in. I didn't do the same, but I can guess that the raw egg would probably make the soup silkier in texture. This was one of the best ramens I had in Japan.


That looks soo cool! With some interesting food.

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