Penang 2011 - Penang Esplanade

Penang Esplanade is at the Northern Eastern Tip of Penang Island. Here you will find an amazing collection of Colonial structures - from one of the oldest - Fort Cornwallis to the Penang Townhall, etc. When you first set foot on the large square that fronts the Townhall, you could be transported to somewhere in England or Europe - as you are surrounded by European buildings. The Esplanade itself is not much to look at, and views from here are mostly toward the ugly Bayan Lepas Industrial Estate. However this was the centre of Colonial life in Penang and no visit to Penang should end without a walking tour around this fascinating historical district.

One of the best way to explore the area is to start from Fort Cornwallis, at the Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower, built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen in 1897. From here you can follow Lebuh Light (Light Street) which is named after Captain Francis Light who landed in Penang in 1786. The Penang Assembly is in an old Colonial building facing the Fort. From here you walk towards the town square and the Townhall - a beautiful building painted in yellow. Next to the Townhall is another handsome Colonial building fully painted in white - the City Hall.

Moving away from the Esplanade, you will reach the Penang Supreme Courthouse. Behind the Courthouse is the famous St. George’s Church - in front of which is a Francis Light Memorial.

Penang Town Square at the Esplanade.

The Penang Town Hall.

Penang City Hall.

Penang High Court.

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower.

Penang Assembly Hall.

St. George's Church fronted by the Sir Francis Light Memorial.

There are so many other buildings and sites to explore - it is best to take your time and go with your instincts. When you get hungry or thirsty, just sneak in to nearby shophouses for a nibble and continue.


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Pooja said…
I have seen all these places and i must say that a visit to Penang is must. And the pics that you guys have chosen are simply awesome.
Move to a new country and you quickly see that visiting a place as a tourist, and actually moving there for good, are two very different things.

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