Bangkok 2011 - Lunch at T.House Vietnamese-Thai Restaurant

K Village is a lifestyle mall which focuses on food and lifestyle - the latest trend in retail therapy. There are lots of small fashion boutiques, quirky home decor shops, personal grooming outlets, and of course cafes and restaurant. We were looking for a place for lunch and stumbled across this Vietnamese-Thai restaurant. The name is rather peculiar - T.House. I am not quite sure what it means - maybe Thai House ? It is apparently part of a sizable restaurant group in Bangkok.

The restaurant decor is quite nicely done. Eschewing the usual traditional Thai design, the interior is quite a refreshing blend of Classic European and Modern Colonial.

The menu is quite extensive and there were some unusual dishes on offer - including steamed snails and raw preserved crabs. We ordered some of the more usual appetizers to go with our individual serving of noodles. The steamed rice cakes with minced pork topping was very good.

A combination Vietnamese Thai Salad - interesting.

Crispy duck served with fresh pineapples. A surprising combination which worked very well.

Minced Pork Rolls wrapped in Good King Henry Leaves. First time I have tried this dish and I like it.

My main course was a Pho - since this is a Vietnamese restaurant. It was a bit disappointing though - the broth was rather thin and didn't have enough of a beefy taste. Can't beat Hanoi or Melbourne !


Simran Singh said…
You always post such tempting pics, can not hold myself from drooling. I really love reading your blog. Keep up this great work.
It all looks fantastic, esp the eggs with the meat in it. Just gave me a recipe idea!

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