Macau Casinos - The Lisbao

The Lisbao Hotel and Casino was the main attraction in Macau. This was where the big spenders and gamblers gather, where great fortunes were made and lost in a night. It was also the lair of Stanley Ho – the Casino Tycoon of Macau.

The Lisbao Casino occupies a strategic position in the main street of Macau City, anchoring the developments that has grown up over the years. The building itself is quite an interesting example of art-deco design, with its distinctive circular hotel tower and round windows. Everything about the building must have been carefully designed by Feng Shui masters to ensure that great fortune remains with the house and not the gamblers. In fact the main entrance to the Casino looks a bit like the dragon’s mouth, swallowing everything that dares to go within.

The lobby is relatively empty except for an impressive ceramic dragon mural on one side of the wall.

At night the building transforms into a multi-coloured light show which is much more striking then the day views.

Though the casino industry has been deregulated and other big players including those from Las Vegas have set up base on the island, Stanley Ho and his family remain undoubtedly the kingpin of the Colony. Besides the Lisbao, he also owns the new Grand Lisbao nearby, and members of his family are involved in most of the other new casinos such as MGM Macau, City of Dreams, Altira Macau, L’arc Casino, etc. All in all Ho and his family own and run about 21 casinos here !


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