Bangkok Food Hunt 2017 - Food Truck Corner at Platinum Mall

The food truck phenomenon is slowly sweeping across Asia, and like everything else Bangkok is usually the first to catch on to hot new trends. You can see food trucks all across the City, but there is one place where a large number of them congregate - the corner of Platinum Mall. It is easy to see why they choose this location as the foot traffic is simply phenomenal - Platinum Mall is such a tourist magnet.

There are quite a large variety of food on offer - from Thai to Japanese, Korean, American, Italian, etc. The trucks are cute and full of character, and great effort has been made to make everything look colourful and attractive. The carnival atmosphere, great variety and cheap prices makes it more fun to eat here then even a proper restaurant.

Things change really fast in Bangkok, and as I write this I am not even sure that this food truck corner still exists. Get there before it disappears !


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Unknown said…
Heyy. i want to tell you that i have been here before with Kembara Sufi. I can so much experience during travel in Bangkok with them. There are a lot of delicious food there and many interesting place they bring me.

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