Shanghai 2015 - Power Station of Art - Renzo Piano Exhibition

London has its Tate Modern, Sydney has its Powerhouse Museum - and not to be outdone, Shanghai has its Power Station of Art. Opened in 2012, this massive contemporary art museum occupies a disused power station - the Nanshi Power Plant which was also temporarily the Pavilion of The Future during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

We were there for the Renzo Piano exhibition - Piece by Piece. This is a traveling exhibition which has moved from place to place since 2014. It was hosted at the Power Station of Art from March to June 28 2015.

This is a massive architectural exhibition of Renzo Piano Building Workshop's output over the years, The exhibits are organized into 32 tables - each containing books, drawings, sketch books, models and even prototypes of various building components.

The most interesting exhibits are the beautifully made models.

Some of the exhibits hang from the ceiling - large scale mock-ups of building structures.

I am not sure where the exhibition is now. If you have a chance - go see it.


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