Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Fuego

After a great dinner at Strato - we wanted to try the other offerings at Troika Sky Dining. Fuego is their newest kid on the block - located on the same floor but on an al fresco terrace facing the KL twin towers. The view is spectacular.

Fuego serves high end food with South American flavours. There is a large selection of ceviches and guacamoles - they reputedly have a guacamole chef on site. There are also more substantial mains, but the dishes are mostly meant for sharing.

We ordered a few small and big plates to share. First up was the Fuego Guacamole - avocado with green chili, tomato, cilantro and lime. It was served with an assortment of chips. 

The Fuego Coconut Ceviche was beautifully presented in a half coconut - it had fresh Barramundi, Coconut Tiger's milk, shiso gremolata, vinegared Puy lentil and toasted coconut. What is Tiger's Milk  it tasted great. ? Whatever it was - it tasted great.

The most interesting and beautiful dish was the Grilled Watermelon - cubes of watermelon, pickled tomatoes, grilled Halloumi, and raspberry vinegar glaze. Never knew watermelon could be an ingredient for fine dining - but this dish looked sensational and tasted great.

Grilled King Prawn - with parsley and wasabi butter gratin. Very big prawn - great flavours.

Braised Beef Back Rib - with orange, cider vinegar and honey glaze. This was really good - the meat was tender and packed with flavours. We ordered the Portobello Mushroom side and it was the perfect accompaniment for the beef. 

After such great dishes we were thinking - could it get any better ? We ordered 2 desserts - the Fuego Churros came with salted caramel espuma. These were hands down the best churros I've ever had, and with the salted caramel espuma it was a divine combination. 

The Cookies, Marshmallow n' Chocolate was a very complicated dessert which came in a glass. There was Oreo white chocolate cream, mint marshmallow, Rocky Road and a tube dispenser for you to squeeze some raspberry sauce on the dessert. All very theatrical and fun - and it was also a great dessert.

Dining at Fuego is quite an experience - the food is beautifully presented, creative and exciting. No wonder it is so popular - booking is essential to ensure you get a table. Fuego is one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for now.


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