Kuching Cafes 2015 - Rusty Bean and Batter

In the past 2 years, Kuching is undergoing a cafe boom. So many cafes have cropped up everywhere - which is great as they are giving the generic Starbucks a run for their money. These new cafes are very concept-driven - with great emphasis on design and branding. Most of them are started by young entrepreneurs who have come back from abroad - which is great as Kuching badly need an injection of new ideas.

One of the new additions to the cafe scene is Rusty Bean and Batter. They are located on the first floor of ST3 - a shopping mall opposite The Spring, right next to the pedestrian bridge. In fact, a part of their seating area actually extends into the bridge.

The design draws on a sense of nostalgia - with many old things re-appropriated into the furniture and decor. The overall ambiance is cheerful, warm and friendly. As the name suggests, this is a cafe which serves coffee and also waffle and pancake. They have both sweet and savoury pancakes - mostly breakfast items.

The coffee is good.

The waffles with ice cream are not bad - except the waffles have a slightly bitter taste which was probably due to the waffle mold not being properly cleaned. 

We also tried the Tiramisu which was more of a cake. It was not bad but could be a bit more creamy.

*Update: Rusty Bean and Batter has since closed down in 2019.


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