Bangkok 2013 - Anantara Riverside Resort

After a few days at the beautiful Tenface Boutique, we moved to Anantara Riverside Resort which is on the Western Bank of the Chao Phraya River. This resort was formerly the Marriot Resort. It was taken over by Anantara after a minor facelift.

The resort is very big with several hundred rooms housed in medium-rise blocks which surround a central pool area. The pool deck is connected to the river though a series of landscaped terraces.

The resort garden and compound is very big, so it is easy to find a quiet corner if you want to relax. The only downside is you need to walk a bit to get to the facilities if you are staying in a block away from the main lobby.

The design of the hotel is a little dated, but the maintenance and service is first rate. Being on the Western side of the river, you are away from the main city and shopping areas which can be a bit inconvenient if you plan to do a lot of shopping. They do provide a regular shuttle boat which takes you to the other side of the river where you can catch taxis or the MRT to where you need to go. But this is a resort more for relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok after a few days in the chaotic heart of the City.


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