Venice 2013 - Lunch

When you are in Venice, you really want to maximize your time looking at the beautiful sights rather then cooped up in a restaurant with no views. Good thing is there are many places dotted around the islands where you can pick up a quick snack and be on your way. Once such good place is Rossopomodoro (*the takeaway bar, not the restaurant) near the Piazza San Marco, along Calle Larga San Marco. It is one of those small snack bars that are very everywhere in Venice - the prices are affordable, and the food is quite tasty.

Pizza slices are the most economical and convenient snacks while in Italy. You can get them everywhere, and sometimes they are pretty good. These were full of nice, fresh and tasty  ingredients.

We also tried this popular Italian snack - deep fried spaghetti balls.  The filling inside is spaghetti with peas and some minced beef. Not bad.


ez vina said…
yummy, but where's the view? :)
Borneoboy said…
This place is in a narrow alley and had no views but great for people watching. My point was you want to grab a quick meal and get one with the sightseeing, and small places like these in Venice are great for the purpose.

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