Paris 2013 - Lunch at Le Comptoir Des Saints-Peres

After visiting the Musee d'Orsay it was almost lunch time, so we looked around the area for a place for lunch. We found a Brasserie on Rue Jacob - Le Comptoir Des Saints-Peres, which looked very nice. This area is normally referred to as the Latin Quarter of Paris. It is full of universities and colleges, and the name of the area is derived from the Latin language which was the lingua franca in institutions of learning in the Middle Ages.

The interior of the brasserie is very old world Parisian - dark wood paneling, brass railings and mirrors.But it had a strange yellow lighting which made all the staff looked a bit like creatures of the night.

Like most brasseries the menu is limited with mostly French classics on the list. I did not know what came over me to order a pasta in a French brasserie - Fettuccine with Scallops. Maybe it was a bit of French food overload and pasta sounded so tempting ! But it was very simple - yet nice. The scallops were of medium size but perfectly cooked, and the pasta was very nicely seasoned.

I also shared a French Classic - Onion Soup. It came covered with a toasted bread with grilled cheese on top - looked sensational ! And the taste was really great - thick and hearty with a real kick to the beefy stock.

Dessert was another French Classic - Creme Brulee. Nicely caramelized on top - the thin crust cracked with a snap and inside was really smooth and creamy. A perfect dessert.


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